How to earn by Youtube in 2019? ( 1/3 )

How to earn through Youtube step by step ( 1/3 )

Selecting a concept is always a difficult part. But let us go with the basic thing, start with something at which you are perfect. It can be anything, such as cooking, driving, parkour, music, dance or something educational.

In this tutorial, I will go up with the concept of MUSIC. I will take you through each step showing in what ways you can earn through youtube even if you have no idea about any youtube policy.

Select the concept and make a channel.

How to make a youtube Channel?

First login into you youtube account using your gmail ID. Then go to View the below image and click on that link.

Next click on Create a new Channel

Either follow this steps or directly go to :

Then click on Select Files to upload.

Once you have created a channel, remember that, to apply for monetization you have to achieve a basic requirement. Read the following points.

Once you achieve this goal, you can apply for monetization, which usually takes 1 month or so.

Let us understand that how can we achieve this mark step by step.

After creating your youtube channel, find for unique content, made by yourself, or content which does not qualify for Copy-right.

Basically, I would suggest you to make your own content, since, if it’s your own, you may not find any difficulty in future at any point. Once you get the content, upload it on YouTube.

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Go to

Select the video player button on the menu bar, which you can find beside Search button.

Next click on Upload video.

Usually, you can upload video of any length. But if you want to upload a youtube video that exceeds more than 15 minutes, go for the following steps. Go to the link – for more information on this concept.

Once you upload a video, go to your creator studio and check for the following things.

To go to the creator studio: First click on the round user button you can find at the top right in your screen.

Click on Channel and select Status and Features.

Then, go to the monetization and enable it.

Once you enable it, add the preferred settings. By this you will start showing ADs on your youtube videos. This will pay you in return whenever a viewer clicks on any AD.

Thank you so much for reading this article, wait for the next article in which we will explain some tricks by which you can start the revenue on the go.

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