How to top IIT 2019 Jee? – IIT Preparation Tips 2019

How to top IIT 2019 Jee? – IIT Preparation Tips 2019

The world in which we are living in is growing bigger as well as smarter. Therefore, for us to be able to survive in this competitive world, it is important for us to take the right decisions in the right way and move forward successfully.

Now to achieve something big like cracking the IITJEE exam requires a lot of attention and concentration towards the subjects concerned. However, this certainly isn’t impossible if our aims are right and in the best route possible.

Although there are different books and guides that may help enthusiastic people like you to do well in such exams, they can only help you to a certain extent and hence this article is surely going to boost your chance and confidence levels to heights.

Here are a list of tips and tricks that are sure to help you in the preparation of these exams.


This is the very first and basic step in the preparation of your competitive exam. You must understand that this is something that you’ve dreamt of and must seriously look into getting this in your hands.

IITJEE exams must strictly not be written for the sake of peer or parental pressure and must be based on your whole hearted desire to achieve this.

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Such exams are not meant for those who look forward to achieving a border mark pass but are meant for those who have the passion of cracking such an exam.


Enthusiasm runs through our veins when we start our preparations for one of the biggest exams of India and that certainly is normal. But this enthusiasm must not hurry us up into our studies and make us do some random topics. You may end up doing all the easy stuff leaving out the tough guys back. This would turn into a very big blunder and would make you regret your decisions later on. This is not what we want.

Here’s the thing:

Start slow and have a first glance or sight at the module and the pattern of the papers through the past years.

Start studying within an hour’s span or two because your body and mind is not accustomed to rigorous pressure. Slowly increase your study time by an hour and so on. That way you’ll be able to study effectively and efficiently for the exam.


There are many people who put in their entry for the IITJEE with a focused interest on a few subjects of the lot. This is a negative approach towards an exam like this. Before you even think of writing an exam like this, you must be in love with all the subjects concerned. (especially physics, chemistry and maths)

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You must be in a mindframe to accept all the difficulties that may come your way because life is not a bed of roses. There would be thorns and snares that would come on the way but we must have the heart and the will-power to overcome such problems.


Setting a routine or a time-table for your study makes you understand the areas of study that you are weak in and helps you overcome those weaknesses.

Start by making a list of those topics that you find easy. Yes, first the easy ones. This would gradually increase your confidence and your positivity levels and buckles you up for the challenges that you may face in the tougher topics.

After you are done with the easier chapters, it is now time to touch the tough guys.

Before you start, think of one thing. If you involve hardwork and dedication into what you do, even the toughest man on earth can be defeated.

There is nothing impossible in this world if we have the right motivation to achieve it. If you have a closer look at the matter in these so called “tough” chapters, you will notice that these are chapters you know of but may find it hard to recollect. Start doing some practice along with some suggestions and inputs by lecturers of the concerned subjects. With continuous work (hardwork), you will notice a gradual change in the specific topic that you once found tough. You will find it much easier to tackle problems and questions related to this topic. Do the same with the other topics and it will be surprising to see the progress you’ve made this far.

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Cracking an exam like this needs self determination and some serious drilling. But this pressure must be taken only at a specific point of time i.e,your study time.

Practices like studying overnight are seriously not advisable as they would only make you weaker and slow to understanding. This would only make your preparation weaker and worse day by day.

Reduce the use of phones but don’t stop it completely. Incase people aren’t aware, an enzyme known as the dopamine is released in the body when  you suddenly stop something that is done by you on a daily basis. This as a result gets you more  addicted to a phone than actually getting away from it.

If these tips are followed with dedication and hardwork, there is nop way that you could miss your rank in the upcoming IITJEE exams .

And before I forget….ALL THE BEST!!

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