Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The moment Jonah has been waiting for finally arrives in Runaways season 2 episode 7. After untold years of working and manipulating people, his ship is excavated and the PRIDE members he needs to make sure he and his alien shipmates can leave Earth are ready to get him off the planet and out of their hair.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

While the adults are hoping for the best, they are prepared for the worst. Janet and Victor have their device ready to disable the anti-gravity engine on Jonah’s ship. Dale and Stacey have enough serum-laced darts to bring down the ship, if need be. As directed, PRIDE moves to the dig site, per Jonah’s direction.

Leslie accompanies Jonah in order to alert the others to his movements. She is concerned that Jonah is going to try and abduct Karolina, until Jonah is left waiting to meet Karolina at their meeting spot overlooking the city. Leslie tells Jonah that Karolina lied to him in order to keep him away from whatever she’s up to at the dig site.

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Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The kids decide to shut down the launch so it doesn’t trigger another earthquake. However, Karolina convinces Gert to join her side in helping to free the trapped aliens aboard the ship instead of destroying the site and the ship. The team reluctantly agrees to her plan, using Geoffrey’s knowledge of the site and PRIDE’s plans to beat the adults to the site.

At the bottom of the hole, Chase uses the fistigons in an attempt to cut a hole in the ship and free the aliens inside, but the organic ship repairs itself as quickly as he cuts it. The team down in the hole doesn’t get Gert’s message warning them that Jonah and the rest of PRIDE have arrived.



Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

With the kids still down in the hole, Jonah contacts another alien aboard the ship and orders the launch. Karolina flies Molly and Chase out of the hole, leaving Nico with only the staff to protect her. Nico flies out of the hole on a whirlwind and attempts to stop the launch, but it’s too much for her to do alone. Chase distracts Jonah while Victor tosses his device into the ship. Molly knocks Jonah to the ground, giving Dale and Stacey time to unload their darts into the ship while the ground shakes. Jonah lied about the launch not destroying the city.

The combined efforts work and the ship explodes, killing all aboard. Jonah is enraged. Nico comes to and coats her staff in the serum before impaling Jonah, as revenge for Jonah killing her sister, Amy. With the threat eliminated, the adults tell the kids it’s time to come home. Nico puts the adults to sleep so that the kids can get away.

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The next morning, PRIDE’s crooked cops arrive on the scene and recover Jonah’s body. The kids discuss the fact that the line between good and what’s evil isn’t very clear since they teamed with their evil parents to do something good. Karolina reads through the church texts, looking for information about herself. She lashes out at Nico for killing Jonah instead of incapacitating him. Now, Karolina is all alone in the world.

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