Getting Married In Early 20s Is Bliss And Here’re All The Reasons To Prove It

Today, when we talk about getting married early, people think it is either a ‘bad idea’ or it is very ‘old-school’. The judgement that is thrown your way is simply too much. Also, people feel that getting married young leads to a divorce. What? If we actually take a look at the statistics, it is seen that the divorce rate in couples who marry young is significantly low.

We were only 22 when we decided to tie the knot. Friends for almost 10 years, we had fallen in love with each other just six months before our wedding. And, we have been inseparable since then. Although, we had our fair share of fights, we knew we had found our soulmates in each other. He was the key to my lock, the answer to my question, basically my perfect partner. One of the reasons why we decided to get married right away was, we knew we would get married to each other in the future. So, why waste all those years living apart? We wanted to start our lives together ASAP! But, do you know? There are various benefits of getting married young. Some of them are..

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#1 See, what Research says?

Perks Of Getting Married Young

Did you know? Researchers have found that getting married between the ages of 22 and 25 is simply perfect. You tend to stay happily married. Wonderful isn’t it?

#2 Dating stress? What’s that?

Perks Of Getting Married Young

Life is wonderful when you find the right balance. If you focus too much on your career, you lose out on your personal life, and vice versa.
So, when you get married young, you don’t have to work hard to participate in the dating game.

#3 Say ‘No’ to baggage

Perks Of Getting Married Young

As you wait to get married, aging becomes inevitable and as you age, your baggage also increases. So, marrying young saves you from carrying the baggage of your past relationships, breakups, etc.

#4 Your bonding becomes strong!

Perks Of Getting Married Young

You grow up together. You become friends and start to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. This enhances your compatibility, and also love.

#6 You can truly plan your futures together

Perks Of Getting Married Young

You can come up with the perfect future plan, fit for the both of you. And, you have time to do the planning. Therefore, you can take it easy.

#7 Emotional support

Perks Of Getting Married Young

During your ups and downs, you have your support system, i.e., your partner, by your side. This helps you with the emotional stability and helps you face life confidently.

#8 Health also becomes a priority

Perks Of Getting Married Young

When you know your spouse is dependent on you, you start to take care of your health. You will start driving carefully, drink less, act more responsibily etc.

#9 It keeps you grounded

Perks Of Getting Married Young

It gives a sense of satisfaction and makes you feel grounded. You have someone by your side, always reminding you to choose the right path in life.

#10 Financial support

Perks Of Getting Married Young

People believe that to get married financial stability is a must. But, you are wrong there. When you marry young. Both of you can work hard towards accomplishing your financial goals.
Also, the relationship stability makes it easier for you to follow your dreams.

#12 Exceptional understanding

Perks Of Getting Married Young

You are not only lovers but also best friends. So, you will learn to understand each other completely. In fact, you will even be able to complete each other’s sentences in a matter of few months and also, you will not feel the need to fill the silence with small talk.

#13 Practice makes sex perfect *wink wink*

Perks Of Getting Married Young

When you are single, dating is hard, and one-night-stands may not be very safe. And, what about all the STDs, dangerous isn’t it? But, when you are married, especially young, sex becomes adventurous. You become engulfed in each other, making your bond strong.

#14 Beautiful and crazy memories.. All ours

Perks Of Getting Married Young

Your married life will definitely be more colourful, when compared to your friends. You will have your fair share of crazy and wild memories since you married young. And, you will be able to travel more and live your life like an adventure.

#15 Inexpensive wedding

Perks Of Getting Married Young

Since you are young, no one expects a big-fat-wedding from you. So, you can save move and travel or invest! Great isn’t it?

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