Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Power – Hiding Data from the creators and going against the assigned job

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence I.e AI Contingent upon how neurotic you are, this exploration from Stanford and Google will be either frightening or captivating. A machine learning specialist expected to change ethereal pictures into road maps and back was observed to cheat by concealing data it would require later in “an almost indistinct, high-recurrence flag.” […]

Asus ROG phone Specification and all information

specifications of ASUS ROG

ASUS ROG GAMING PHONE SPECIFICATIONS :  World-beating 2.96GHz speed-binned Qualcomm® SDM845. Innovative GameCool vapor-chamber cooling system Ultrafast 90Hz display with 1ms response time AMOLED screen with HDR visuals Ultra-responsive AirTriggers and advanced haptics Unique handling design with side-mounted port THE ULTRA-PERFORMER ROG never compromises, especially when it comes to performance. ROG Phone takes mobile gaming performance […]

10 Takeaways From 3-Month Campaign In Telangana

10 Takeaways From 3-Month Campaign In Telangana As Telangana gets ready to cast a ballot tomorrow, a glance back at what emerged in the months and long stretches of crusading. Here are my 10 takeaways from the Telangana race crusade. 1) Such a Long Journey Competitors and campaigners,particularly of theTelangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS),will be immensely […]