10 Takeaways From 3-Month Campaign In Telangana

As Telangana gets ready to cast a ballot tomorrow, a glance back at what emerged in the months and long stretches of crusading. Here are my 10 takeaways from the Telangana race crusade.

1) Such a Long Journey

Competitors and campaigners,particularly of theTelangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS),will be immensely mitigated. Gathering boss K Chandrasekhar Rao declared 105 of the 119 hopefuls on September 6,day he broke up the get together. It implied a three-month long battle for the TRS. It was about physical fatigue as well as about being reasonable with assets and keeping the spirit of the unit high. The exact opposite thing the TRS would need is the rabbit and tortoise story happening in Telangana.

2) Kings of all they Survey 

On the off chance that somebody has profited this race, it is the psephologist. Closer to the decision, there have been near about six study results every day, with various gatherings and people tweaking the figures to suit their political inclination. Lawmakers understand the intensity of a conclusion survey to impact the undecided voter who may at last run with the gathering destined to win. However, Chief Minister Rao, otherwise known as KCR, has been telling one and all that just his overviews that anticipate a century for the TRS are certified.

3) No Temple run 

Rahul Gandhi did not go sanctuary bouncing in Telangana as he did in Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Not for the need of choice sanctuaries. Maybe on the grounds that the BJP isn’t his vital restriction in the express, the Congress president chose to give the sanctuaries of Telangana the miss. Had he chosen to have a darshan, he would have seen the trimmings liberally given by KCR for the benefit of the Telangana government to the distinctive divinities.
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4) Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar 

Will Hyderabadi biryani move toward becoming Bhagya Biryani? Will the Hyderabad Metro Rail be Bhagyanagar Metro Rail? An IPL group called Sunrisers Bhagyanagar, anybody? These are questions that Hyderabadis ask – for the most part in pleasantness – after the BJP’s Yogi Adityanath guaranteed to rename the state capital as Bhagyanagar if his gathering was casted a ballot to control.

5) Money talks 

Till Wedesday, Rs. 120 crore in real money had been seized by flying squads of the Election Commission. In the event that you contrast it and Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 200 crore seized in 2017), Karnataka (Rs. 152 crore) or Tamil Nadu (Rs. 130 crore in 2016), the sum is impressively less. In any case, at that point Telangana likewise is a littler state.
However, in the event that you balance this figure with the Rs. 76 crore seized in joined Andhra Pradesh in 2014, when both gathering and Lok Sabha races were held together, you understand that money is lord in this race, in spite of demonetisation. A local help in the area revealed to me that she got Rs. 400 for going to an open gathering a week ago.

6) The ABC of races 

Rahul Gandhi considered the TRS the ‘B’ group of the BJP and Asaduddin Owaisi the ‘C’ group. Narendra Modi considered the TRS the ‘B’ group of the Congress. The TRS, ending up amidst this letter set soup, considers itself the ‘A’ group of the general population of Telangana.

7) Chandrababu’s ghar waapsi 

Over three years after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu moved for all time to the half-manufactured new capital of Amaravati, this decision has seen him complete a “ghar waapsi”(homecoming), assuming briefly. The Telugu Desam Party supremo has dependably been pilloried for deterring the arrangement of Telangana in 2013-14. The decisions will demonstrate whether Telangana’s memory is short.

8) Raids and Arrests 

The visuals of the 3 am capture of Congress’ Revanth Reddy may well end up being a distinct advantage. In south Telangana, if not the whole state. The Election Commission has supplanted the Vikarabad region police boss and the Hyderabad High Court asked the state police boss if such an activity would be done against a pioneer having a place with the decision party. The way in which it was completed – jumping into Reddy’s room before the break of day break and hauling him away before his significant other and girl, likened to egotism and maltreatment of intensity. The High court was not interested, suggesting intense conversation starters to the state.

9) Hello, Mic testing 

The battle addresses have been a wellspring of much diversion. Rahul Gandhi was infuriated when Congress pioneers couldn’t interpret even his straightforward Hindi, which implied his agrees at KCR and PM Modi were frequently lost in interpretation. KCR lost his cool more than once at TRS framework for hindering his discourse and making inquiries. Performing artist Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is Naidu’s brother by marriage, attempted his hand at discussing ‘saare jahan se accha’ with grievous outcomes, tying himself up in tangles with Hindi and Urdu words. The main ones to have a field day were image producers.

10) Season of political vacationers 

The’s who of the BJP trooped into Telangana as did scores of senior Congress pioneers. The TRS and Asaduddin Owaisi’s MIM called them “discretionary voyagers”. It helped that the state sees soothing climate this time, making crusading a wonderful prospect.
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